After working for a few years with single-sided circuits, I also offer double-sided circuit design service. The process is the following:

1. The customer sends the pedal schematic to be built and the specifications of the enclosure used and hardware external to the circuit (location of controls, footswitches, connectors, etc).

2. I then return an image file to check that the location of the components is correct.

3. After confirmation, I send the customer a Gerber file (necessary to factory production) and a PDF file including holes template, schematic and parts list (some examples here).

4. The customer is in charge of the whole process of ordering boards from the factory. Personally I use JLCPCB’s services for Inverted Cross Audio, I think they offer very reasonable prices and the process is very simple. Any other similar website that accepts Gerber files works as well.

5. The customer uploads the file to the JLCPCB website.

6. When the preview of the file is displayed, quantity, color and shipping costs are indicated. For the first run, I recommend ordering small quantities (i.e. 5 or 10 boards), just to be sure that everything is correct.

7. If any correction is necessary due to design errors on the printed circuit board, I will make them at no additional cost and resend the Gerber file. In case of errors in the requirements or in the submitted schematic, an additional cost will be charged, depending on the time spent.

The approximate costs of the designs would be:

SMALL 100€
BIG 300€

I also offer SMD designs:

Use the contact form if you are interested!