Etching guide

After your purchase, you can select stock (listed on picture) or custom etching.

Custom etchings wouldn’t be replicated into future builds, but anyway, please be sure that the picture doesn’t have copyright.

Please, send me via email (icrossaudio at if you prefer stock or custom etching, and the monochrome picture (JPG file) you’d like to be etched on the enclosure surface. There are some restrictions to do that:

1. I can only etch monochrome pictures, not greyscale or colors. I use Photoscape for conversions, it is free and easy to manage:

2. If the enclosure goes vertical, we should use a vertical picture. Same for horizontal. I only use two enclosures: 1590B (110x57mm) and 1590BB (115x90mm), so the picture should have the same proportions.

3. Be sure that knobs and switches doesn’t cover something important to you.

4. Don’t relocate holes or knobs, they are soldered to the circuit board

Here is an example of a good working design: